Finland 2012 - Agenda

8:30- 8:40 
Welcoming remarks
Stefan Montin, NEPP/NWIN’s project manager
8:40- 10:30 
SESSION 1: Integrating large-scale wind power…
Chair: Professor Olli Pyrhönen, LUT
8:40- 9:20
…a TSO´s perspective: The impact of wind power on the dynamic performance of transmission systems - challenges and opportunities from a Finnish perspective
Tuomas Rauhala, Fingrid           
9:20- 9:55
… an energy company’s perspective
Peter Tuominen, Fortum
9:55- 10:30
Will increasing amounts of wind generation increase the need for reserve capacity?
Lennart Söder, NEPP/KTH
10:30- 10:50
Coffee break
10:55- 12:00
SESSION 2: Technology, markets and carbon reductions
Chair: Professor Lennart Söder, NEPP/KTH
The impact of subsidy schemes on plant design, plant deployment and electricity market function
Edward James-Smith, Ea Energy Analyses, Denmark

Smart metering and energy storage: assessing the economic benefits of demand response on a distribution grid using the power market model WiMo.
Jakob Helbrink, NEPP/Sweco, Sweden
12:00- 13:00
13:00- 14:15
SESSION 3: Update on international research and wind technology
Chair: Mikael Togeby, Ea Energy Analyses
    13:05 – 13:40
IEA and the European Wind Energy Technology Platform (TPWind)
Hannele Holttinen, VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland
   13:40 – 14:15
Wind power technology
Jouko Niiranen, ABB
14:15- 14:30
Coffee break
14:30- 16:30
SESSION 4: Our latest work
Chair: Professor Kjetil Uhlén, NTNU
14:35- 15:10
Managing intermittency by determining optimal locations: Maximizing value of wind power allocation: a multi-objective optimization approach
            Lina Reichenberg, NEPP/Chalmers, Sweden
15:10- 15:30
Modelling turbulent flows: Large-eddy simulation of atmospheric flow over complex terrain
Ashvinkumar Chaudhari, LUT, Finland
15:30- 15:50
Transmission system connection requirements: A centralised wind power plant controller for improving the synthetic inertial response of individual wind turbines. Traian Preda, NTNU, Department of Electrical Power, Power Systems Group
Grid interface modelling in PMSG-driven wind turbines for wind park investigations
Pasi Peltoniemi, LUT, Finland
16:10- 16:30
Comparative Study of the Efficiency and Power Density of Offshore Wind Energy Conversion System based on High Frequency AC-Link
Rene Alexander Barrera, NTNU, Department of Electrical Power, Power Systems Group
16:30- 16:45
Discussion and concluding words
Stefan Montin